Friday, 30 May 2014

Bushido Wave 18 review: Part 1 beasties

i'll be reviewing the new releases of Bushido the game looking at 2 factions at a time.
i'll be taking the look if the miniature under review and it's stats and my thoughts about the model in general.

this wave i'll be starting with the beast from this release. the Kaihei Alpha from Savage Wave and Saburo from Ito clan.

 Alright the Kaihei alpha, a medium sized hound from hell. the design is nice with the fur well-defined and with the row of big teeth this dog is gonna leave a nasty mark.

it has 3 melee dice and of course as it's an animal no range dice and can't stack ki, but it is quick with a move of 5 it can quickly cross the table and with light footed difficult terrain won't matter to him.

i don't think this model will see much play at the moment as it's on the pricey side with 9 rice and he's dependant on there being other Kaihei. but as he's the only Kaihei this is worthless. he's still a tough nut with 8 wounds and the fear 4 could be usefull to lower the Melee Skill of it's prey.

when the other Kaihei come out i can see a nice dog pack appearing with this model a few generic Kaihei and Yusha. Yusha has great synergy with the Kaihei giving them Rise and one model extra Melee Skill. it will be a hard hitting and fast list but considering the high cost of the models you will often be outnumbered.

next up we have Saburo for the Ito clan. first the look and ugh, the concept art was promising but the face doesn't tell me snake i get more of crocodile or alligator from it. but except for the face well done.

a reasonable model with 3 MS, armour (1), fear (4) and blood of orochi (1). it has all the right traits and has a high ki statistic with 2. a small surprise to me was the addition of feint (1). it's ki feat lurker gives it camouflage (2) for the turn a very good feat to keep it save.

 i would advise to avoid big fighty models as Saburo doesn't have that much to defend himself, but the feint and fear makes him amazing for taking out enemy ashigaru's or exposed Shisei.

with a 7 rice cost and the blood of orochi i would use him in a Snake list. put him next to other half snake men and try to get as much blood of orochi tokens on your models and see the enemy slowly die from the poison.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

GotW Bushido 42 rice tournament

last Saturday the 24th i organized a little tourney at my local store for Bushido. as this was my first tournament as a retainer I was pretty nervous what the turnout would be. thankfully we started with 4 players at the start, unfortunately two players ran late meaning i had build an improptu table for the third pairing.

competing factions:
Savage Wave
2X Prefecture of Ryu
2X Ito Clan
Silvermoon Trade Syndicate.

the scenario's played were Idols, Ryodo and The Envoy.

The Samurai factions were well represented, clear favoritism in the Jwar Isles it seems. our veteran Savage Wave player was present and a sneak from the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate (me!).

Prefecture of Ryu and Ito Clan face off
A picture of the "forest" table, still trying to get a hang what the right amount of terrain is for a tournament. Prefecture got a hard earned 2-1 win with Ito's Kaihime harrasing and killing with impunity.

despite a few well aimed shots to the despair of a few ashigaru, Prefecture took control of the Idols long enough to claim a 2-1 victory.

Savage Wave vs Ito, darkness ensues
On the "cave" table Savage Wave found that they're in their own element in between the rocks.
The wave made got time and had two victory points at the end of turn four. it went downhill then with their only Oni Yusha dieing to Masunagi's blade.

this turn of events made sure Ito could claim the last VP earning themselves some points.

during the tournament the Savage Wave have made extensive use of Darkness to their advantage, earning easy points in the first two turns in almost each game.

at the end of the day Savage Wave stood triuphant on the pile of dead samurai with a massive 21 points out of a maximum of 27. second place fell to Silvermoon Trade Syndicate and one of the Prefecture to third place. a funny thing was that both the Ito players, had so much incommon during the whole they, same scores, same ranking and at least half of their warband using the same model. especially Matsunagi, he's a beast. i advise players to take him out as fast as you can.

at the end of the day we also had a small painting competition to divide up the remaining Silvermoons. i gave every contestant a small piece of paper to choose their favorite and their second pick. Ayako gained 4 out of 6 first picks giving her an easy win.

Ayako seduced the Voters to a first place.
Kato took an honorable second place.