Monday, 16 June 2014

Sojobo part 2: flesh & clothing

all paints mentioned are used from the vallejo range or as otherwise noted.

fleshing out the model.... 
first i started with a basecoat of "sunny skin tone". i wanted Sojobo to have a slightly darker skin tone as would be expected from someone flying around without a shirt.

skin tone needs a few layers, so i first applied a quick thin layer. don't worry if this layer looks horrible. the second layer will cover everything nicely.

his back is difficult to reach with the wings attached something i should have realised beforehand (oops!).

at least it's not as big or bad as traditional tengu

i decided to go for a traditional tengu nose. i added "red" into the "sunny skin tone" in a few degree's until i painted the tip of his nose pure "red". (sorry for the out of focus picture).

you don't need to do this for yourself put i find it an appropriate homage to the tengu origins.

the clothing has been done with a basecoat of "flat blue". then i chose what i think is his belt and scarf for a lighter blue to bring some more color with "deep sky blue".

Sojobo clothed
the bandages around the legs and the topknot bandana have been painted "german camo beige". this will make his legs and hair stand out more instead of dissapearing within the rest of his robes.

the last piece of clothing the animal pelt has been painted "german camo medium brown".

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