Friday, 13 June 2014

Sojobo part 1: modelling and base coat

for sojobo assemly was pretty easy except for the left arm and the wings. at first i had no idea where to place the arm but looking back at the studio picture i realised i had to place under the stub sticking out of his shoulder. the wings were a pain because they were heavy and only had a little socket to attack to. i used a very strong super glue but anyone who's handy with a drill i would advise pinning.

a little warning the staf is easily bendable be careful when moving it around.

all modeled and ready for the basecoat
after assembly i used a vallejo texture point, brown earth. after using this on my Flames of War models i've started using texture point for all my basing. it's easier to apply and you can even sculpt it a bit to make footsteps or tracks.

i basecoated sojobo with a cheap black acrylic matt spray from a discount store. the basecoat doesn't need to be fancy, it just needs to be a good base for the rest of your paint.

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