Friday, 24 October 2014

Kaihei a whole pack of fun!

The Kaihei are finally here and now we can see if the Kaihei Alpha is worth it for these guys.

Also of note is that the Kaihei is the first model with 2 cards making a total of 4 Kaihei you can put on the table.

5 rice each is a decent amount for what you get. A fast moving model that ignores difficult terrain with some nice extra's. Such as a free trait or special attack at the start of each melee exchange. The co-ordinated attack will probably see a lot of use with a max of 4 on the table plus the Kaihei Alpha. The fear (3) is nice against things like ashigaru, bakemono or shatei compensating for the low melee skill.

The most obvious one is his poor melee skill of 2. Otherwise a decent model.

The Kaihei on their own can be used with their charging bonus to prone annoying or dangerous models. They can't do much on their own and depend a bit on the co-ordinated attack to do enough damage.

I would suggest putting 4 Kaihei, the Kaihei Alpha and Yusha as a base for a warband. What you got is a 40 rice warband then you can add some cards to make a 42 point tournament warband. What this gives you is a warband that supports itself. The Kaihei Alpha gives all Kaihei bravery and group activation. Yusha can, once per turn, give one of the Kaihei a nice boost to the melee skill and the spur on ki feat keeps your Kaihei longer in the game. As small problem with this list is that group activation makes you lose a lot of activations and you need to play smart not to let your opponent take a lot of advantage.

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