Friday, 31 October 2014

Wave 20: The best & the worst

Best model: Master Akari.
I think everyone expected this one. While Temple doesn't need another excellent fighter as Akari he is still amazing.

Fast, high amount of ki, almost impossible to hit with a ranged attack and a beast in combat. What's important to remember that Akari isn't undefeatable and is a clear example of a glass canon. Low wounds, no toughness and no armor.

Best sculpt: Mitzuki Ito.
The Ito Clan finally got a good scupt and what a sculpt it is. A clear improvement on the previous wave with Satsuki.

The pose is impressive the few but noticeable little touches like the details on the staff, her clothing and the gorgon hair is just great. The biggest improvement upon the previous wave is the face.

A lot more expressive and detailed keeping in style with the rest of the sculpt.

Worst model:Nomi.
This was an easy choice this model has no use beyond removing camouflage and a cheap objective capper.

A pity as for the 3 rice I'd rather have the Akuma and Okkete animals. This gives you two extra activations and the chicken fights a lot better than this kid.

worst sculpt: Nomi & Kani.
Yeah sorry to say Silvermoon Trade Syndicate hit a low spot this wave. While thankfully my pick was made difficult by the all-round selection of good looking models. I've chosen Kani & Nomi based on their lack of details.

All the other models especially Akari and Yugio have details on the models or little tidbits making the models fun to paint and to look at.

While still decent sculpts the other models just seem better.

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