Monday, 20 October 2014

Shuichi Prefecture priest

A nice addition and it seems that models with a feat that gives Disturb Flow is a theme for this wave and we'll probably see a few in the next few waves for the other factions.

He's at a good price point with the 6 rice and his Cleansing will be useful for removing tokens from models. This is something that Prefecture had problems with in my opinion. And seeing as you can remove a large number of tokens with this feat this helps a lot against poison heavy factions like Ito.

As with Yugio the Warding Shomyo is nice and usefull for disabling an enemy fighter.

Unfortunately for Ryu I think Yugio is more effective. As Shuichi's Cleansing is only useful if your opponent actually uses those tokens. On the otherhand Shuichi receives more ki a turn so can use the Warding Shomyo often.

He's basicly useless without his ki feats. Bravery is normally a nice rule, but seeing as this model serves more of a support role you won't want to risk him by putting him in combat.


Basicly follow your main fighter or get him within 6 inch of an enemy fighter and use his Warding Shomyo. Use the cleansing to remove tokens and not much else to it.

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